Theatre kicks off the school year

Duc Ngo, Staff Writer

Recently, the Theatre Department held an interest meeting in the auditorium. 

The environment was very lively, upbeat, and friendly, which was perfect for engaging prospective members. It felt immersive, and there was not a moment of awkward silence. 

The meeting started off with the leaders of each department, such as technology and costuming, introducing themselves. Then, an introductory video was played. 

In addition, the club’s members introduced the many school wide activities that are to be hosted by the club this year. 

First, they announced the Fall Play. Titled “For the Love of Three Oranges,” it was described as a humorous Italian fairytale. 

Other announcements included the Play in a Day and a shout out to the International Thespian Society.

For anyone joining the club, there are positions open, such as ones for ushers. Additionally, there are apprenticeship programs for people who want to participate in many capacities, such as as an electrician or house manager. 

Anyone interested should contact Theatre Arts teacher Katherine Brunberg in room 324.