Class elections and meetings to be held tomorrow


Students pose for a picture at this year's Senior Sunrise, hosted by the SGA.

Suad Mohamed, Co-Editor in Chief

Tomorrow, W4 will be extended so that the SGA can hold elections for the freshman class and meetings for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Students are to go to their W4 class, and will be directed there to their meeting place.

Freshman are to go to the cafeteria, and sophomores to the upstairs gym. The junior class is holding their meeting in the main gym, while the seniors are holding theirs in the auditorium.

During these meetings, class officers and sponsors introduce themselves and any plans they have for the school year.

Meanwhile for the freshman, students running for offices in SGA are to give speeches while their peers vote.

“Hopefully, at this meeting, we will outline what we want to do for a great senior year,” senior class Vice President Kadijah Janneh said.