Game review: NBA 2K20


Dylan Gill, Staff Writer

After a year of waiting, the highly anticipated NBA 2K20 has now been released. Since NBA 2K’s beginning in 1999, it has been the best basketball game on the market. After some major improvements to the game last year, players have been looking forward to the best version of 2K yet. 


Last year, there were multiple cover athlete’s including Giannis Antetokounmpo on the North America edition, Ben Simmons for the Austrlian edition, and on the 20th-anniversary copy, Lebron James. This year the cover will feature Anthony Davis from the Los Angeles Lakers. For the legacy edition, it will feature Dwayne Wade, following him announcing his retirement this year. 


This year’s game will include WNBA teams for the first time. There were many rumors on if this was actually going to happen and they have been confirmed. WNBA players will include new animations and new offensive and defensive playbooks specific for each team. It also includes all new legendary teams in Play Now, which is one of the many game modes.


As for the overall improvements to the game, most have come with the gameplay. There are new ball handling animations, better defensive tactics, many new off the ball movements, and new features with the team takeover. The MyCareer story includes Idris Elba and was produced by LeBron James. 


As for how players feel about the MyCareer, many find the story too long. “It gets to the point where I just want to start playing games and have an end to the cutscenes,” junior Idrissa Kargbo said. The story has your player going all the way from the D-League to the NBA after last year’s player came from China.


As for the overall game, many players are having difficulty with the ball handling and the shot meter. “Shooting and dribbling are really messed up right now,” junior Kyle Forte said. “They need to update it and simplify both of them.”


There have been more complaints from other players that the game takes a long time to load as well. Many features such as the practice facility take a long time to load. “I hope the game gets better or maybe I will get used to the new features. There are things I wished they included from last year’s game,” said senior Joe Gaston. Overall, the game has made a lot of new improvements, but it needs to continue with updates to make the game more smooth and entertaining.


Score: 7/10