Breaking news for Forever 21 shoppers

Cassandra Quach, Staff Writer

It seems like recently a wave of retails stores have been closing due to their financial struggles. Stores such as Charlotte Russe, Payless, Sears and now Forever 21, who is allegedly filing for bankruptcy, a place marketed for teen girls to buy clothing and accessories. If left with no choice, Forever 21 is planning to potentially shut down stores from around the world that aren’t flowing in with cash, including the shops around Annandale.

Iqra Younas, a senior, said “I saw it on twitter the other day, I was shocked because Forever 21 is such a big brand. But at the same time, their clothes aren’t that cute considering some of their items have weird words and symbols on them.” She usually buys jewelry from Forever 21 because she likes the accessories more than the actual cloths.

A large amount of these, decreasing, once-notorious, stores proves that times are changing very quickly and how these stores are unable to catch up to the growing shoppers.

Scattered throughout America, it would be surprising if someone hasn’t heard or been in at least one of their locations. Despite being so big, it has managed to share the same fate as Toys ‘R’ Us, who had been successful in attracting young kids for a time being.

It had quite an impact when the bankruptcy news came out, many found it very unexpected but some could see why it had led so far. Some people say it was because they have repeated to come out with the same types of style and clothes every year. Afraid of the risk in putting out new changes of apparel, Forever 21 has to now paying a hefty price. Sophomore, Kushmita Kaur said “I was a little surprised at first when hearing about the news, but as I thought about it more, I started to understand because they don’t really change the style of clothing they just change the patterns so, I don’t think people would just buy the same thing in just a different pattern again.”

Due to it’s increasing debt, online competition, and how they have failed to evolve with new fashion swings and trends, they have been unsuccessful to reach as many people as they did before. Debt plus the costs to run the business has led the prices to increase. “I like the style of their clothing it’s nice and easy to wear, but I think they should change their pricing because it just seems to keep going higher and higher as time goes on and that’s what I think is losing their customers.” thoughts from Daniela Enriquez, a sophomore.

As time goes on, a bankruptcy filing looks more and more likely for Forever 21.