FCA kicks off the year with their first meeting


Sereene Darwiesh, Staff Writer

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a student group to get to know each other while practicing their faith. 

It’s a great opportunity for the students to meet other people while bonding over their religion. The sponsor of FCA is ESOL teacher Mr.Buschman.

Every other Wednesday, the students meet the morning before school. They are provided with breakfast and pray for  important causes such as our school and our country. 

FCA is a way for athletes to learn about their religion while being in a school environment.  

“FCA is a club, it’s an opportunity for Christians to come together and live out their faith at school. Being at the flag poll was an opportunity for us to pray for the school,” President of FCA senior Nate Peters said. 

“I like FCA because it allows me to practice my beliefs with people who have the same beliefs as me and it’s fun to hang out with other people that have the same religion as me and practice their religion,” freshman Kayla Pham said.

People should take advantage of FCA because it’s a way you can connect to others over something so sacred. You can get to know other athletes and bond with them in FCA while still practicing Christianity.

In many situations, FCA is a great way to get your mind off school and focus on growing your relationship in Christ.