Have a meal at Haifa’s


Insaf Bouzana, Staff Writer

Haifa Grill is a Middle Eastern restaurant located in Falls Church.The food served is Middle Eastern food specifically Palestinain. The ambiance of the restaurant was relaxing especially with the very simple and minimal interior design. The walls were cool toned and the tables were rectangular shaped. 

The menu consists of many Middle Eastern dishes such as chicken kabob, lamb kabob, and also many shawarma sandwich options with many sides. The main dishes were all at a very reasonable price starting at $11.99. While the sandwiches were at $7.99. The most popular dish according to the waitress, was the chicken shawarma sandwich. 

The food I ordered was the chicken shawarma sandwich with a side of fries and a drink which was $9.99. The waitress recommended it to my friend and I because it was a popular menu item.

As you order your food you walk up to a glass counter that has sides you can choose from to put in your sandwich. There were a lot of options for sides such as pickles, pickled radish, hummus, baba ganoush, tahini sauce, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, lettuce, cucumbers, and potatoes. I personally chose hummus, lettuce, tahini sauce, and jalapenos.

Once we got our food I was not expecting the flavors to explode in my mouth. I have had many Middle Eastern shawarma sandwiches but none compared to this one. The pita bread was perfectly heated and the chicken was very flavorful. The hummus and jalapenos also gave the sandwich a nice kick to it. 

Although the sandwich was amazing the side of fries was lacking in salt and crispiness. The fries were quite soft which I don’t like, but for someone who does like soft fries you’ll love these. 

Overall the service was great, the waitress was so friendly and welcoming. She asked my friend and I how our day was going and explained and answered all the questions we had thoroughly. I would rate my overall experience a 4/5 stars. The food was amazing and I would definitely go back again.