Students prepare for Halloween

Maram Ibrahim, Staff Writer

Halloween, a night of fun, candy, and costumes, is around the corner, and kids are excited. It’s that time of the year where kids are seen going door-to-door and teens are watching scary movies. 

“I think that Halloween is a good time of the year to hang out with friends and just have a good time,” Junior Adona Daniel said. 

Halloween provides people with the opportunity of doing various things throughout the night. Some may include dressing up, trick-o-treating, going to haunted houses, or even staying home to give out candy to other kids. “This year, I want to dress up and go out with my friends,” Junior Melek Mohamed said. 

However, Halloween is more than the terror, it’s also about the festivities. This includes things such as corn mazes and pumpkin patches. Along with that, Halloween parties are also a big one, with a scare-related theme, games, and food. 

On the other hand, certain people may not really celebrate the holiday, but will still take advantage of the night and end up having a good time. “I take my siblings trick-o-treating around the neighborhood,” Sophomore Shada Ibrahim said.

Although it may not seem like it, Halloween wasn’t actually established in the United States until the nineteenth century when Celtic farmers caused as much mayhem as possible to rid of spirits they assumed were taking over their bodies. 

Now, Halloween is currently one of the most popular holidays celebrated by people, following Christmas.