The top trending shoes

Aminata Dia, Staff Writer

Everytime I walk down the halls of Annandale Highschool, I see similar brands of shoes: for example crocs, nike and vans. It’s rare for me to see someone wearing shoes that doesn’t come from well known shoe brands, so I decided to do an experiment. 

In Annandale Highschool there are about 2,200 students.Off of this information I decided to interview twenty-two students.. I formulated nine  questions for each student to answer , four are opinionated and five are either -or questions. Based off of these answers I will conclude the top shoes that are trending in Annandale right now.


  • What type of shoe would you see the most in the hallways?


Fourteen have said vans, six have said nike and two have said converse all stars.


  •  What is the dominant shoe in your closet right now?


Twelve have said nike, six have said vans,  three have said jordans and one has said converse all stars


  • What type of shoe would you really like to have?


Five have said nike, five have said jordans, four have said fila’s, three have said slides, two have said vans, and one has said yeezy’s


  • What type of shoes do your friends wear often?


All have listed nike, crocs, slides, vans, converse all stars, fila’s, and jordans


  • Which do you prefer crocs or slides?


Fourteen have said crocs and eight have said slides


  • Which do you prefer nike or jordans?


Eighteen have said nike and four have said jordans


  • Which do you prefer fila or adidas?


 Sixteen have said fila and six have said adidas


  • Which do you prefer vans or converse all stars?


Thirteen have said vans and nine have said converse


  • Which do you prefer nike or vans?


Eleven have said nike and eleven have said vans

Based off of this information I have concluded a chart for the top shoes worn and preferred at Annandale High School and is listed one through eight.

First Place: Nike measuring in at 32%

Second Place: Vans measuring at 26%

Third Place: Crocs measuring in at 8%

Fourth Place: Fila measuring in at 7%

Fifth Place: Slides measuring in at 6%

Sixth Place: Jordans measuring in at 5%

Seventh Place: Converse measuring in at 5%

Eighth Place: Adidas measuring in at 5%

Others would measure in at 6%.

From my calculations seven hundred and six people would wear any Nike brand, this including slides. Five hundred and seventy four people would wear any Vans brand. One hundred and eight three people would wear any Crocs brand. One hundred and sixty people would wear any Fila brand. One hundred and thirty two  people would wear slides, not just including Nike but companies such as Guess or Supreme One hundred and twenty people would wear any Jordans brand. One hundred and thirteen people would wear converse all stars brand. One hundred and twelve people would wear adidas brand and One hundred people would wear other.

Nike seems to be the dominant shoe right now at Annandale Highschool and vans seem to be close behind. What a comeback vans, converse and Fila has made. What will be the next top shoe at Annandale highschool, or will it still be Nike?