Green Atoms to hold recycling event


Manny Precht, Co-Editor in Chief

All AHS students have to deal with the burden of completing community service hours. In addition to the mandatory hours that every student needs, opportunities can be hard to come by. 

Many students also find it hard to juggle their school work, personal life and other responsibilities; leaving little time for community service.

A great way to earn quick, easy community service hours is with Annandale’s environmental club, the Green Atoms. The Green Atoms have been popular with many AHS students for years because of the variety of community service opportunities they provide. In addition, students at all grade levels can work with the Green Atoms.

Not only does the club provide many service opportunities but does great work for the AHS and community environment. For instance, the most popular service opportunity provided are the recycling days.

Every Wednesday, the Green Atoms host a school wide recycling after school staring at 3:10 p.m. Students are given a route they will take and are instructed to pick up paper, cans, and plastic bottles.

The work is simple, gives easy hours to all students and benefits the school environment. “We pride ourselves on informing our community about environmental issues,” Green Atoms secretary Andy Chen said.