Mario Kart makes a big comeback

Cerys Jones, Staff Writer

A game that was first released in 1992, has made a huge comeback in 2019. Mario Kart was first released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment system back in the early 90’s. Throughout the years the game stayed pretty popular. It was available mainly on the Wii Games Entertainment system. But to fans demise, was   never available on the iPhone (granted the iPhone didn’t come out till 2007).    

September 25, 2019 Mario Kart Tour was released on all iPhones. The app was made free for all consumers. According to, Mario Kart Tour was downloaded 20 million times on release day. That is more than the population of Pennsylvania. Along with having such high download rates, the users have spent an accumulative of 1 million dollars on the game. 

 Mario himself was created July 14, 1983. Since then, he has become an icon in the gaming world. He is a brand. You could say Mario has been racing to the top.

“I got the game this past Saturday, and I’ve beat all the levels available.” senior Paramvir Singh said. “I would give the game a 7 out of 10.” he also stated. 

Even after having the game for no more than a week, some students have gotten pretty far in the game. Having such an iconic game available in a way, so every teen can play it mobily, was an amazing business step for Mario Kart. I guess you could say Mario Kart takes first place in the gaming race.