Annual staff “Chili Cook-Off” to be held


Manny Precht, Co-Editor in Chief

Like many places of work, AHS has its own form of fun and competition among staff members. 

The annual Chili Cook-Off will be held tomorrow, Oct 10 during all lunches in the Bistro (room 134).

AHS staff members are welcomed to attend during their lunch period to try the chili’s and vote for their favorite.

The cook-off will be a competition between AHS faculty and staff members for who has the best homemade chili. Competition entries were finalized today and all contestants have prepared their chili for the big event.

The goal of this event is to promote ATOM Nation collaboration and engagement among all AHS faculty and staff members while also proving who among the AHS staff makes the best chili. 

Contestants have the opportunity to be crowned chili champion in one or more categories. The first award available is the “Best in Show” which given to the maker of the best chili, as voted on by the chili eaters of Annandale. 

The second award is the “Best School Pride” which awards creativity in ingredients, names, accessories, or whatever you feel is the best way to show your school pride.

The question gripping all chili eaters and lovers alike is: Who will dethrone the current chili champion? Last year, Systems of Support Advisor Brent Roberson was crowned chili champion. However, contestants are eager to contest his reign.