Teens balance work with their lives

Insaf Bouzana, Staff Writer

Working as a teenager can be very stressful and difficult sometimes, but other times it can be worth it once you get your first paycheck. Many AHS students currently hold jobs at different locations around the Springfield, Annandale, and Falls Church area. 

Students at AHS try to balance school, sports, and work. On top of this students are expected to maintain a social life with friends and family. Work hours can also be unreasonable and interfere with other activities throughout the day such as homework. “It’s hard to manage school and work. When you get home from a long day of dealing with people, you’re tired and all you want to do is eat and sleep,” junior Lara Dib said. “Sometimes I tend to do just that instead of doing my homework.”

Considering the stress that comes with the job a lot of the students find it worthwhile for the money they’re earning, whether it be saving up for college or just simply having their own source of income. “I decided to get a job because I don’t like seeing my mom waste her money on me.” Junior Brittany Reyes said. “I wanted to start being independent and start making my own money so I can get my own things.” 

Source of transportation can also be an issue when it comes to getting to work on time. Not every teenager has their own car and their parents work schedule could also interfere with their schedule as well. Having a bad day at school or at work can affect the other in how you respect your co-workers as well as your teachers and classmates. 

What students may not realize is that working and balancing school is an immense amount of responsibility. This will train them for the real world in the near future. This balance between the two teaches maturity, honesty, and accountability.“My job helps me prepare for my future because it helps me manage my time since I have a clear schedule every week,” senior Saara Ahmed said. “My communication skills have improved due to the amount of time I spend helping people and my strict work schedule keeps me in check so I can finish my job efficiently.”