AHS vandalized again

Manny Precht, Co-Editor in Chief

On the morning of Oct. 21, AHS students came to school and were met with another incident of vandalism.

Racist and Trump supporting slogans were painting all over the rear walls of the schools and exterior walls of the module classrooms.

The first incident of vandalism occurred last spring, much of which contained the same images and slogans.

“I think the vandalism was really stupid and childish,” senior Zak Belkayat said.

As usual, a clean up crew was dispatched to the back of the school, making quick work of the operation.

Crew members painted over the graffiti and power washed the brick walls in order to get rid of the vandalism.

The graffiti had been effectively covered up halfway through the first period so many students were never exposed to obscenities.

In response to this morning’s event, Interim Principal Mark Merrell sent out message to the AHS community.

“Upon discovery of the vandalism, police were notified. FCPS is working closely with the Fairfax County Police Department to investigate this crime and will hold those responsible accountable,” Merrell said in the message.

Considering the fact that this is the second case of vandalism, students are fed up with the disrespect to school property.

“It’s just plain disrespectful and doesn’t represent our school community accurately at all,” senior Michael Brown said.