ATC wraps up fall play

Mary Endalkachew, Staff Writer

So what’s all the talk about the play for the Love of Three Oranges? The play was shown on October 25, 26, and 27th. The show has received mounds of positive feedback from students, teachers, and friends. You’ve probably seen the flyer for it all around annandale. Incase you were wondering what it’s about the story is placed in medieval times where there is an old king (Jessup Gravit) and an ill prince (Tarik Darweish) whom is cured but is then a spell is cast upon him by a witch (Mariam Sesay). He sets out on a quest for three giant oranges and inside there are three princesses. Two of the die of thirst and one survives(Makayla Collins). The two fall in love and get married and live happily ever after.The end.