FCPS gets rid of half days

Cassandra Quach, Staff Writer

Usually on the last day of the quarter there’s a half day, however there won’t be anymore. The Fairfax County school board decided that it would be better if the half day at the end of the quarter was turned into a full day off from school. Eliminating the habit of past years of leaving school early at the end of the quarter.

A vote, that took place over summer break, would see where things would be, which teachers and parents were able to participate as well. Not everyone got to vote though.

This agreement will be affecting thousands of schools across Fairfax county, including Annandale High School. November 1st is when the first quarter ends and this new agenda will be taking effect.

One reason why they settled on this decision is because it was beneficial for working parents who would have to scramble to find other ways to look after their young kids. With work schedules not being flexible, this is a great way to move past it. Now the school’s hours don’t have to be a burden to parents.

Student’s thoughts on this is quite split.

Bushra Osman, a Sophomore, when first learning about this new she said, “I think that the change is really unnecessary. I feel that students work really hard at the end of the quarter at that final push and should still be able to have that time off. A break to sleep or destress would be nice once and awhile.”

“I don’t think it’s that big of a change but it still has an effect.”

Sophomore, Elizabeth Phan disagrees that it has any effect. “I feel like it’s just the same if they’re just moving the position of our break. We still have a break but simply on a different day.”

“I really like the extra day given as a break but I don’t like that we have to give up our half day for that.” stated Stephanie Manco, Sophomore. “I’d rather have the full day off because then I don’t have to wake up early at 6am to catch my bus.”

“I think it is a big change because now students have to change what is needed to do that includes changing what they do in class and what they have to turn in.”

Stephanie later explains that on half days she is more likely to participate in activities or go hang out with others. Doing things that are more productive, then if it were just a full day off. It was because since she was already at school with her friends were already gathered there.