Is the rap industry hurting teens?

Aminata Dia, Staff Writer

The Rap Industry, most of the time, makes teenagers think that  drugs, gangs, money and sex is what life is all about. People who wear sagging pants and act like they don’t care about where they’ll end up in life are most likely to join a gang or get involved with drugs.

Teenagers smoke in stalls  more now than in the 1980’s because they think it’s cool.Teenagers are more likely to join a gang in highschool than in middle school. Female teenagers are more likely to become pregnant than a grown woman. The graduation rate for highschool drops every single year. There’s no other source to look at other than the rap industry.

I guarantee you, 90% of the rap songs we hear now have drugs incorporated in it somehow, and most of the time it’s used in a negative way. In 85% of rap songs sex is somewhere entangled in the song. These songs influence teeanagers, believe it or not, to use drugs and engage in sexual activities.

Does anyone remember the ‘Murder On My Mind Challenge’ where youtubers would call up the police and take a verse from that song and just say the verse to the operator? Youtubers are very influential when it comes down to children due to their brains undevelopment.

What if a kid watched one of those youtubers do that? What if that same kid attempted that challenge. What if that kid ended up in a juvenile detention center somewhere.If it weren’t for ‘Murder On My Mind’ by YNW Melly then that kid wouldn’t have gone to juvy.