Is the Supra MK5 Better than the MK4?

Jared Piza, Staff Writer

The year is 1994, Toyota releases a 4th Sportscar called the “MK4 Supra” and you’re super excited since this car looks amazing with it’s Inline-six and the two turbochargers made 325 Horsepower and 324 lb-ft. It’s amazing for a sports car from the year 94’ It’s really hard to compete with other Japanese branded cars like the Nissan V-Spec Skyline, Mazda RX-7,Toyota AE86. Just to name some.

On the other hand, the newer and improved Supra. Most people were satisfied with the car and most were not. The truth is that the Supra is not what it looks like. The car is basically a BMW Z4. Why people say that, cause it is true since Toyota decided to go to BMW and ask them to help develop a “Rebadged BMW Z4.” And so people are just going crazy since 2 decades ago Toyota decided to stop producing Supra’s.

But, since the developer and the designer Tetsuya Tada had an idea of a new Supra. Could it been better? Most people will say yes, since it’s been 2 decades since the 94’ Supra stopped producing. But it’s not just the same.

The thing that most people want back from the A80 Supra is the 6-Speed Manual Shifter than the automatic transmission and Paddle Shifters. It’s a must for all JDM car enthusiasts, since the feel of shifting into 1’st gear into 2’nd then just stepping on the pedal and seeing how fast you can go by stepping on the gas and going. Manual cars are just dying. So that’s what we wanted to see with the new Supra but unfortunately Toyota didn’t give us that. 

Since the A80 Supra is not being produced anymore it is harder to find and more expensive.

Prices for the A80 is around $30-32,000 for a right hand manual transmission supra. But for the GE Supra. You’re going to pay a hefty price of $50-60,000 for just the car without any accessories. It’s a lot to think about since it’s