Students discuss abortion rights

Eldana Mengistu, Staff Writer

This week, Alabama’s Supreme Courts reversed a decision that declared abortions illegal.

Abortion is a procedure in which the pregnant woman deliberate terminates her pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.  Doctors use different techniques to abort a pregnancy It mainly depends on how many weeks you have been pregnant.

Abortion wasn’t legal until 1973 due to the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. Before than woman still got abortions due but it was just illegal and because of this it because man y of them to die in the process. Which made the government change their minds due to the amount of women that were dying from it. 

Even in a new era abortion is still a hot topic. Some people are Pro choose ( they believe in giving women their right to choose what to do with their fetuses) and others are Pro life ( they believe that the woman should keep the baby).

“I’m Pro choice because in certain circumstances and incidents for example they female could have been raped or something similar” Junior Lidia Mengistu says. “ I think it should be up to her to decide whether she wants to keep the baby or not. Due to the fact that maybe if she keeps the baby after being raped, the baby will serve as a reminder of the trauma she experienced. Some people say that ‘oh you can put the baby in foster care or give it up for adoption’ but this is not often the best choice. The foster care system is very corrupt and you might do more damage than good due to the fact that a lot of kids get raped and abused physically and mentally so why would you want to subject your child to a whole life of suffering”.

Many people believe that  if it’s not your body you do not have a right to speak on another’s person’s situation nor make a decision for them.  It also depends and how they were raised. People that are very religious tend to lean towards Pro life about others that are not so religious tend to lean more towards Pro choose. But this does not mean on side of the argument is more religious than the other.

“I’m Pro Life because no one deserves to die unless you have been raped”. Junior Fauzah Kargbo says.  “But i just feel like that if you don’t want to have a child then you shouldn’t be having sex and if you are you should be protecting yourself”.

Sophomore Christopher Tran also agrees he says “I’m Pro life because I believe that everyone should have a chance at life. In cases of rape and incest, I believe that abortion can be performed. Although when people willingly have sex, they shouldn’t be given the right to abort since it was their choice to do it. I know it’s the woman’s body, but they shouldn’t kill another life, instead they should give the child a chance to live.”  

There are so many sides to this story and way more opinions.  Abortion and it’s laws will always be a heated decision. What side are you on?