Teens get stylish

Maram Ibrahim, Staff Writer

Many teens in this generation use their style as a way to represent or express themselves in a way that their words can’t. It is common for them to dress in a way that they think best defines who they are as an individual. “I guess my style shows what I like,” Sophomore Shada Ibrahim said, “it kinda represents me and the things that I’m into.”

Often, certain teens tend to go for name brands things, such as Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty products, because they want to be known as original. This means that they might be the first to buy popular products. It may make them feel good knowing that they look good with that certain item because it ties to a nice outfit. And to teens, a good outfit equates to having a good day.

When questioned about their styles, some teenagers classify themselves as different. They like to break social norms, experiment with their style, and stand out. “I wear neutral colors sometimes, but I try to pair it with something that’s a little out there or different,” Junior Melek Mohamed said. 

However, when it comes to most teens, they just want to be comfortable. That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t try for school, or social outings in general, they just tend to put on what makes them feel better, whatever that may be.

A lot of teens look elsewhere for inspiration, including social media. Aside from social media, celebrities or known figures also play a role. “I usually look at other people’s pictures on social media and take ideas from that,” Junior Lara Dib said. 

Every day, teens continue their journey of discovering themselves and who they are as a person, which includes their experimentation with style.