Time for the holidays

Insaf Bouzana, Staff Writer

The holiday season is approaching and people are getting ready to leave. Many students are excited to spend time with family and get away from all the stress at school. People from all around tend to travel during holiday seasons to visit family and friends, but is the break actually long enough?

Some students believe that the break is truly long enough to accomplish many activities over break. “I think the break is long enough to celebrate and enjoy time with my family,” Junior Annie Ngyuen said. “I always feel like I fulfill whatever it is I need to do over the break.”

Others may think the break is extremely short and they barely have any time to be with their families. “I’m with my family most of the time and we have family reunions,” Senior Emily Callao said. “I feel like the break is way too short and I barely have time to be with my family.” 

Traveling outside the state can also be a hassle with the limited amount of days the students are given for break. “We spend most of the time travelling instead of of being with family,” Junior Lara Dib said. “I think the days for break are way too short and I spend most of my days on the road.”

Schools should reconsider the length of breaks and attempt to understand the student’s perspective.