Why you need to watch Rhythm and Flow

Sydney Long, Staff Writer

Judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I. are on a search for an outbreak hip-hop superstar on their new reality TV show Rhythm + Flow. This reality show name is very similar to the 2005 film Hustle & Flow (but is different enough to not face a lawsuit). 

The contestants can perform  in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or Atlanta. The judges will choose who they want to move on to the next round and then the contestants will compete against each other for the win of $250,000. The judges are looking for not only an amazing artist but someone who can appeal to the current generation.

In the first round contestants go to auditions in four different cities. There they will be told if they are moving on to the next round and if they do then they will go to Los Angeles and the 30 contestants are paired into small groups and rap on the same beat, only the most memorable will move on. 

Then the 16 contestants left will rap battle and one of the two will be chosen to move forward. The remaining eight will have to create a music video and only 6 will move on. After that they will have to make an original song with an iconic sample on only 48hrs. 

Then the last five will have to do collaborations with superstars and be features in one of their popular songs. Finally the last four will have to make an original song with a famous producers to impress the judges and only one person out of four is chosen to receive the $250,000.  

“I like rhythm and flow because it was a great way for people to fight for themselves and their cities and also provide for their family. I think it gave a lot of people opportunities to get big even if they win or not it still gave a lot of people popularity and the chance to go further in their rap career” Junior Taylo said.