Popeyes causes chicken craze


The Popeyes chicken sandwich includes a bun, mayo, pickles, and crispy chicken. A spicy version is also available.

Cyrus Assadzadeh, Staff Writer

The new Popeyes chicken sandwich has been all over everyone’s social media feeds for the past three weeks.

Supplies that were supposed to last through September sold out nationwide almost instantly. People have been waiting in lines for hours just to get this chicken sandwich.

“I waited in line for 45 minutes for it,” freshman Faisssal Bahar said. “It was worth the wait.”

With its recent burst in popularity, there really is no surprise that the chicken sandwich has created some problems.

One Popeyes in Houston, Texas was held at gunpoint over the low supply of chicken sandwiches. Another Popeyes in Florida was robbed of bags upon bags of chicken sandwiches.

Luckily nobody was harmed in either, but the craze is getting out of hand. Along with that, thousands of people online are enraged that Popeyes has sold out of their chicken sandwiches.

On Aug. 27, Popeyes issued a statement on Twitter, saying that they are sold out of chicken sandwiches “for now” and will have customers informed when the sandwiches are available again on their Popeyes app.

It is speculated that the chicken sandwiches will be restocked in October. This tweet was not well received as it was bombarded with negative replies and faced severe backlash.

Popeyes may be sold out of their beloved chicken sandwiches momentarily but once the sandwiches are restocked, hopefully, this time around people can peacefully enjoy a sandwich without chaos.

They came back in stock recently and there are long lines at many Popeyes locations.