Starting a new season

]It is officially the end of the Football season for our highschool players. It’s time to make room for Basketball. Annandale has recently held it’s basketball tryouts for its next season of 2019.

“I am excited for the next season. But I’m also nervous. I’m looking forward to and excited to be back on the team, and the team bonding. I’m most excited to play Hayfield Highschool. Last year I remember we came really really close and it we had this really great play at the end, and I’m excited to play them again.” Senior Kalkidan Tucker stated.

Though the players are excited to come back, the coaches are as well, if not more. Our coaches here at Annandale are some of the most dedicated, and hard working people here. They work with the athletes one on one to help them reach their potential in a sport some might take with them to college.

How do you feel about starting a new season?

“I feel excited this year, we had a bad season last year, so I’m excited to have a brand new team.”

How do you feel about the new freshmen coming to try out?

“I feel good about this freshmen class, a couple of them will probably play varsity, and a couple will play JV.

Are there some rival schools you’re excited to play?

“This year, this is my first time playing against Woodson Highschool, and I heard that Woodson and Annandale are kind of rivals, so it’ll be fun and I’m looking forward to it.”

How would you describe yourself as a coach?

“The main thing I try to do, is give each of my players confidence, that they can have the freedom to do what they want on the court.”

What’s your take on conditioning?

“I’m big on conditioning, but I’m not real big on the bootcamp style, like torturing the kids. We can do drills and get some conditioning in as well.” Coach D answered on some questions about his up and coming Boys Basketball season here at AHS.