Violent video games don’t make children violent

Everyone wants to blame violent video games for mass shootings,mass murders and shooting outbursts, but has anyone ever thought that not every aspect is considered in such events? We have to consider mental health factors in  a person, court decisions and inaccurate experiments.

According to many studies have failed to include all factors  that contribute to children becoming violent. Some examples would be family history, mental health, plus studies that haven’t followed children over long periods of time. From this information studies are very inaccurate and shouldn’t be taken as “fact”.

In the Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association   case in 2011,the US Supreme Court ruled that California could not ban the sale of violent video games to minors. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote  that the majority opinion shows studies purporting to show a connection between violent video games and harmful effects on children. A document stating what Justice Antonin Scalia says that the case “ha(s)ve been rejected by every court to consider them, and with good reason: They do not prove that violent video games cause minors to act aggressively.Scientific evidence presented in court that is produced from scientific tests or studies help determine facts at issue in a judicial proceeding. So the fact that scientific experiments were rebuting other scientific experiments is saying something here.

According to the US Marine Corps licensed Doom II in 1996 to create Marine Doom in order to train soldiers. In 2002, the US Army released first-person shooter game America’s Army to recruit soldiers and prepare recruits for the battlefield.  Some scientists believe that children exposed to this “game” are susceptible to committing violent acts in the future. Let me just say that this is not at all true. First of all there was no evidence to support this statement, second of all the violent video game is to help with hand eye coordination and awareness of your surroundings, not to help strengthen the urge to kill someone.