Why people love Thanksgiving

This week, families will be celebrating one of the most loved holidays, Thanksgiving. During this time, students and their families will be making plans with one another and cherishing their time together. For many, Thanksgiving is one of the only times out of the year that all families are able to come together.

There are many reasons behind the love for the holiday, one being the food. During a Thanksgiving dinner, it is expected that people see the turkey, along with mashed potatoes, gravy, macaroni and cheese, and many other dishes. A popular one, however, is the dessert, pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving is also in the midst of football season, a huge advantage for sports fans. They might take this time to watch games with their loved ones and support their favorite teams at the same time.

Possibly the most significant though is the idea of spending time with family. Due to the fact that a lot of people rarely see their extended family, the important part of the holiday is to appreciate the time spent with those loved ones.

A typical Thanksgiving consists of the traditional dinner followed by a variety of plans. This year for the holiday, Senior Emily Callao’s “dad’s family is coming to [her] house and everyone is bringing their favorite dessert.”

Sophomore Shada Ibrahim does some of the same. “I eat Thanksgiving dinner at my house with my family and friends.” However, she takes advantage of her extra time and usually “goes Black Friday shopping for a little bit.” Overall though, she really enjoys Thanksgiving.

Because of the different options regarding Thanksgiving, many students tend to have a favorite aspect of it. “I love eating food and going into a food coma after,” Junior Natalie Nguyen said.