Bolivia Says NO

There was a major protest in November in Washington D.C. and in Manassas because the former president Evo Morales wants to make Bolivia a place full of slaves and he would dictate them. A lot of people don’t want to become slaves because in their pledge of allegiance they say “Morir antes que esclavos vivir,” It means “Die before slaves live.” This means they would die before their country is full of slaves or for them to be treated like slaves. People in Bolivia were also protesting so their voice could be heard and so he could leave and stop manipulating people’s decisions.

People don’t want to be treated like slaves so they are protesting against slavery in bolivia so the president can retire and so they can have someone new that wont treat them like slaves. President Evo Morales recently announced that he will retire. Some people were mad about it because they liked him and now people don’t have jobs because the crisis is really bad in bolivia. People are barging into the “wealthy” because they don’t have money to support their families. Since people don’t have jobs and they are staying home and trying to survive the crisis, because they are scared of going out and for people to hurt them or hurt their family. Now Evo flied to Mexico so no one can hurt him because he was getting death threats from people. Some people are happy that he left other people are mad that he left because he supposedly helped people and the poor villages but other people don’t think the same.

This is what people think of the situation that is happening in Bolivia. Freshmen Tatiana Villarroel says “The situation of Bolivia every time is getting worse because the houses are getting burned and theres a lot of discrimination again. He is a bad president because he has stolen so much money from Bolivia and he never put the money back that he takes , but I know he also did bad things but our country got better since he became president. Now that he’s out people have been trying to kill him, I don’t know why my mom says that there are people who are losing their houses because other people from our country’s are burning them down, and the rich people are discriminating the people that live on the countryside and speak other languages.” Sophomore Vanessa Velasco “To me this situation is very serious because it can harm many people in the protests because the protest tend to be violent when it’s a political protest. I also think that Evo Morales was not a good president and he wanted to have a dictator country that would have not grown and would have not become a better country. Bolivia would have become the new Venezuela and it would have been very hard to get out of that situation.”

Some people’s families were impacted like Tatiana Villarroel “This impacts my family a lot because my family’s first language is Quechua and other people don’t like that we speak that language so it scares my mom that something bad would happen to our family.” Other people’s families were also impacted like Sophomore Vanessa Velasco “ This is impacting my family because it is putting them in danger since the más grupo went to Santa Cruz to harm the cruseños and my grandma and grandpa live there. They could have been potentially harmed and it also affects them because they have less leniency to buy and go out whenever they want because now stores aren’t open all day anymore because of the fraud elections.” They don’t feel safe at all going out because everyone has turned mad and going out isn’t the safest option for anyone because you never know what’s going to happen while you’re out. 

Now that Evo is out of Bolivia they are looking for a new president that isn’t going to dictate them or  treat them like slaves and that he/she will be loyal and not do things behind their backs like steal money, manipulate people or do things without their consent.