Is Xiaomi China’s Apple?

April 2010, Chinese Entrepreneur Lei Jun started a company called Xiaomi which translates to Millet. Is now trying to compete with America’s known phone brand. Apple.


Comparing with Apple is something you might want to stay a close eye on.

With Apple slowing down from Desktop computers and working on phones, smart devices, and laptops a company in China is now trying to compete with Apple’s Smart Watch Series and they’re naming it “Xiaomi Wear 3100” which is a fairly odd name for a smartwatch.


Their Devices, they’re not so bad to look at picture wise but not in hand since we’ve never actually seen one in hand. But we’re telling you. They’re literally making “iPhone 10’s with a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone.”


Headphones and other tech devices. Unlike American phone brands, Xiaomi is the more odd brand that comes to mind. From TV’s, To Laptops, Electric Toothbrushes and for some reason. Water Purifiers.


Something you wouldn’t expect is that their phones are on Alibaba. A Chinese market place where they don’t own the inventory of the items sold on their website. So it would usually take 2 weeks to ship your package from China to here since they go out to the marketplace and get the Phone and make sure everything has the right specs and nothing else. 


But as some people say, when they buy from China: “Don’t buy from China since it’s so fake!”

It might be true but don’t always doubt it. You’ll never know what you’re going to find. Just explore and make sure you don’t find something that will get you in big trouble.