The issue of online piracy

Online Piracy is the practice of sharing and reproducing information such as movies, music, or any type of software illegally. The content that they are distributed is sold at a substantially lower price in the grey market. Since technology is so easy so access the amount of piracy has increased and become uncontrollable. 

Video piracy is when a film is produced within the shape of a videocassette without the correct authorization from the original owner. The producer promotes video rights to every other celebration (usually after six weeks of release), which makes video cassettes for selling, or lending.

“I think that piracy is beneficial to me but i understand why its illegal, I like being able to watch new movies for free instead of paying 15 dollars to only see it once” Neylan McEuen said.

Cable piracy is when unauthorized transmission of movies can be watched through a cable network. Very regularly new released movies are shown through cable without permission of the original holder.

There is also music piracy. It is when you replicate music cassettes and then publish them without the holders permission. This affects many music companies because once the music gets released and sold for a lot lower price than in stores people obviously won’t buy from the store but from the piracies.

“I think a lot of websites are beneficial but sometimes the quality is horrible, and they rarely get shut down even though they are illegal” Kierra Mitchell said.