The Samsung Galaxy Fold downfall has risen


Since the failed release with the Galaxy Fold back in September, Samsung has finally re-released the Phone again.

With peers ripping off the screen thinking that It’s a screen protector but it really wasn’t.

What did Samsung really upgrade?

The truth is nothing except the Display Hinge. And the reasoning behind that is people were getting dirt and debris into the hinge and so people’s displays were breaking since of the debris.

Others decided it was a “good idea” to go and peel of the display since they thought it was a plastic cover. 

Secondly, there is no headphone jack since Samsung includes Galaxy Buds with the phone. At average. Their headphones are $129.99 without the phone and basically you’re paying extra for a pair of wireless headphones. Which other companies do different.

Is it still really worth the money for a Phone that had to be fixed because of a screen issue? Not really. But if you’d like to be looked at in confusion with a 7 i and distress because the screen is going to break again?