YouTubers and Fans Help Mr. Beast raise 20 million for Tree Charity


YouTuber, Mr. Beast released a video back in October saying that he was going to plant 20,000,000 Trees.for climate change. It was something that nobody has ever done this big to raise awareness for Trees.

The fundraiser is currently being organized by Mr.Beast on his channel and is 674k+ away from 20 million. He is asking his fans, Family, and everyone else to help support this cause and so Youtube is currently trying to put out Climate Change videos on the Trending page or to have these videos as recommended on your device.

Basically how this started, In May of 2019 Mr.Beast reached 20,000,000 subscribers and decided his fan base what he should do in commemoration of his milestone. “We know that 20 million trees aren’t going to cure climate change,” Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer and current YouTuber that is taking part in this event.

A FAQ that has been spreading around about when it is going to start, and what they’re saying is in January 2020. Also, they will be planting trees not just here in the US. They said it’s going worldwide.