Winter Formal cancelled


Last year, the AHS Leadership program surprised the student body, bringing back a winter formal. A winter formal at AHS had existed before but hadn’t been planned for a couple of years.

To bring the dance back, students were excited for a new experience and another opportunity for a fun school-sponsored event. 

The winter formal was a hit last year, a large turnout of students attended the dance. The dance didn’t feel any different from Homecoming either, the quality of the event and effort put into it didn’t lack.

This year, the Leadership class planned to bring back the winter formal. Leadership students advertised the dance along with a holiday movie night and a gingerbread house making competition. 

However, the same enthusiasm that was felt last year was repeated this year. “The Annandale student body is too lazy to purchase a ticket online,” senior Abby Kitila said. “That’s why it got cancelled.”

Ticket costs were only $3 and the students also had the option of paying more for food, water and a popsicle. Either payment option was significantly cheaper than Homecoming as well. 

The ticket sale goal was 400 tickets, as that amount would be enough to fund the dance and all the amenities that go with it. 

However, only 200 students purchased tickets, missing their goal by a lot. 

“It’s sort of sad how much the ticket sales were off by,” senior Mitchell Eggert said. “I was actually looking forward to going too but I guess I can just wait until prom.”

Not only was the winter formal cancelled, but another winter spirit activity, the Gingerbread House making competition, was also cancelled.

Hopefully leadership and AHS students can turn it around and have a great prom this year.