We’re in high school now, not middle school or elementary school and we’re getting closer and closer to becoming adults everyday. For those of you who would like to study abroad or visit a country of your choice and want to learn the language here are the top ten best strategies on studying a language of your choice.


Label everything, and I mean everything that you use on a regular basis. That means your backpack,laptop,pencils,phone,even the accessories on your backpack. You can label them however you want, big,small, in font, out of font, whatever way that floats your boat. By labeling the items you use daily and putting words in front of your face while using them helps your brain remembers them faster than if you didn’t label.


Yes, many people write about how music really helps with language learning but let me give you some scientific information to back that up. Studies have shown that music makes your mind more receptive to new information. Music also helps your memory because it engages different parts of the brain.  Another bonus from listening to music from the language of your choice is that you’re also learning the culture along with how to pronounce words. Now, for those of you who can’t concentrate on the work in front of you with noise in the background, try to change that. Not only will you be able to learn the language of your choice but, for those who can’t concentrate easily with noise, it will help you in college. 

Movies and T.V shows

When someone wants to learn a language, the first thing that makes them second guess themselves is the studying. By studying I mean the flashcards, the tests and ect. People don’t want to be bored when learning a language, point blank period. By watching movies and t.v shows you’ll be more engaged and entertained. Also, you get to choose what you want to watch, dramas,horror, sci-fi, romance and more!


No, I don’t mean textbooks I mean books. For those who don’t like watching t.v and like books, then this life hack is for you. Books, essentially, are like playing a movie  or t.v show in your head. Now, you can’t just pick any book. Pick a book from a well known author from the country that the language you’re studying is prominent in. Then, from there, you can go and browse the selections and poof! Learning new words!

Post it note your walls

Everytime you learn something new, write it down on a post it note and stick it on a wall,corkboard,calendar,whiteboard or ect and place it near your bed. Everytime you wake up, you’ll see the information that you put the day before  in front of your face and your brain will unconsciously read them until one day, you know by heart what the word is.

Read signs in the language of your choice

For whatever the language you are pursuing, try to find signs written in the language wherever you are. When you spot one read it and try to figure out what it means, if you can’t figure it out you can always translate it. If you see that same sign again repeatedly, then you can learn a new phrase or word.

Go to a place where you know you can read signs

This ties along with reading signs. Let’s say your learning Chinese, go to Chinatown in New York and test your reading a conjugative skills. Not only will you be learning the language but you’ll also be exposed to a bit of the culture.

Restaurants and Stores

For example, let’s say you really want to learn spanish, try to find a hispanic restaurant near your house and go there. Using your current knowledge on spanish, try to communicate with the workers(if their hispanic) in spanish. This not only helps you practice, but you’re also speaking to a native and learning how to communicate with someone other than your teddy bear and best friend who isn’t really paying attention.

Talk to your friends

Let’s say that you’re interested in learning French and you have a friend who speaks French. Talk with your friends in French. The benefit of this is, if you’re a person who may be a little out of their comfort zone by speaking to a complete stranger on your unpolished French, your friend can teach you how to communicate with people your own age in French.

School yourself

I know, I know. Don’t you have to school yourself in order to learn a language? Well, yes, but in a certain way. Try to be organized with learning the language of your choice. If your not organized, studies have shown that you’re 43% more likely to lose interest in studying more. So, if you’re an unorganized person, be organized with learning a new language, especially since you’re introducing yourself to something completely out of your comfort zone, make the learning process as easy as possible. Take notes that help you remember things easier, come up with acronyms, quiz yourself, test yourself, constantly rewatch, reread videos to understand something fully.

Use these life hacks, they will help you a great deal in learning the language of your choice!

By using these life hacks, you’ll be well on your way to being a fluent speaker in whatever language your trying to pursue!