Ballston Common changed to Ballston Quarter

Ballston Quater is an unfolding new destination with a bunch of entertainment, food, and shop options. It was originally known as Ballston Common Mall. When it was first built, they built it around a multi-story parking garage.

“I used to go there when I was really young but I can’t believe how much it’s changed since then. It’s almost unrecognizable now. But when I went there they didn’t have many shops included. They had a lot of coming soon stores,” said Bushra Osman.

The mall was closed down for renovation on May 31, 2016, but there were still a number of stores that stayed open during the renovation. It finally opened back up to the public after a little more than 2 years of construction.

Even after it being a few months since the shopping center opened to the public, there are still not many mainstream shops such as Forever 21 or H&M, shops like these may come in the near future but for now, there is only a handful of them. The majority of the space is mostly filled up by restaurants.

They have a food hall with a bunch of varieties of food from different cultures and backgrounds and from breakfast, lunch, and dinner including desserts. Plus other popular places that surround the area that is easy walking distance.

There’s a lot more to do there than there was before.

They still have the MedStar Capitals Iceplex that is open to the public at certain times, a movie theater with recliners, and the big Macy’s that has always been there.

The renovations have added many activities to do with friends or alone. Many activities are also family-friendly. Solving a bunch of puzzles at 5 Wits, which is an Escape Room-type concept. Serving up fun at Punch Bowl Social with gourmet food, craft cocktails, bowling, an arcade, karaoke, and space to just hang out with friends. Whino a place to gaze up at gallery features exhibitions and artwork from the freshest talent from around the world. OneLife fitness to work out and release stress.

Kushmita Kaur said “ I don’t like to ice skate but some of my friends do. It’s very convenient for me and everyone else to split up and do what we would want to do since there are many things to do at this mall. I can just go shop and walk around with those who also don’t like to skate. There are perks in having everything in one place.”

It is right in the middle of Arlington and near DC. It’s a place that is always full of bustling vehicles. Lights. City vibes and noises.