Royal family makes big changes

Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle left their royal duties to focus on becoming financially self-sufficient. This has come as a shock to many around the world including the Royal Family. It has never happened before prior to this situation.

The main factor of their leave of absence was due to racism. Meghan Markle has faced harassment and bullying throughout her stay with the Royal Family. “Racism can really take a toll on someone and the atmosphere they’re in, it needs to come to an end,” junior Feben Stephanose said.

Not only was Markle criticized based on her race, but her actions as well. Most things she said were held against her. Many were shocked that Markle didn’t do anything about it earlier. “I believe she should’ve left earlier but she could’ve also stayed to keep up her reputation,” junior Grace Kliewer said. 

Although many are judging their decision to take a step back from royal duties, there are others who are relieved for them. “I think they made the right decision to leave because it’s toxic and the environment is bad to live in,” junior Bety Kahsay said.

The decision they have made has impacted the Royal Family in many different ways. The media and British tabloids are determined to dig out any information to turn this situation into a negative situation. British tabloids are stating that Meghan Markle has influenced Prince Harry into leaving. Prince Harry has been wanting out for awhile now, before he met Meghan.

Their decision will continue to influence many outcomes for the Royal Family later on. The media will always find a way to exploit their image for simply believing that the royal life wasn’t for them.