U.S sends American firefighters to help fight the Australian fires

Today, American firefighters were greeted with applause after arriving at Sydney International Airport to help fight the raging fires throughout Australia.

Next week, sources say the U.S is planning to send up to 100 more firefighters to Sydney Australia.

The fires in Australia have reached concerning levels. They have stretched from Brisbane all the way down to Melbourne. Which is around 854 miles. Not to mention the other split fires that have spread throughout the country.

The fires have been ongoing since November 11th, 2019. And even with all the brave and heroic firefighters trying to calm down the screaming flames, the fire has still managed to destroy up to 150 homes. In recent articles, Australian firefighters fear that in the near future, the flames might become so large and unpredictable, that they might not be able to protect life and property.

Wildlife in these forests that are burning, are slowly being killed off their own habitats. An estimated amount of over 500 million animals native to Australia have died in the fires. Koalas have become functionally extinct, meaning that at the moment, that species has little to no chance of being able to reproduce. The number of animal deaths just keeps skyrocketing as the days go on.  

Though the U.S might be having some other nationwide conflicts, we are never too busy to lend a helping hand. The National Interagency Fire Center of Boise, Idaho has sent a little over 100 American firefighters to join the battle in Australia. And they plan to send more in upcoming weeks. 

Australia is in extreme danger. Wildlife is dying, homes are being destroyed, and lives are being taken. But, as a friend to the United States, we will assist in any way that we can.