You need to pick up this book

One of Us is Lying, is a murder mystery novel full of suspense and surprising twists and turns written by Karen M. McManus. The author has just published her highly anticipated sequel to One of Us is Lying on January 7, 2020, called One of Us is Next.

McManus is able to build suspense well and kept people guessing. She casts suspicion on so many characters that you start questioning everything.

The way the story is told makes it more interesting as well. The book has four completely different main characters. The author, she writes from all the perspectives of the four characters, Browyne, Addy, Cooper, and Nate. Switching up the narrators keeps the book interesting and a cliff hanger every chapter.

Karen M. McManus has her own personal writing style which makes her books interesting to read.

The book starts out with the students who attend Bayview High School heading into detention. There are five students in total that have detention on this particular day but one won’t be making it out alive. Browyne is a smart and well-behaved student, Addy is the pretty, popular homecoming princess, Cooper, the athletic jock, Nate, the criminal, and Simon the outcast and in this case, the victim.

Every single one of them is completely different from one another, coming from different families and statuses, all from a stereotypical high school group from the movies we see and they are all locked in together in one room after school.

Just an hour after detention started, Simon dies of a peanut allergy in his water cup. Something about Simon is that he is the creator of a popular gossip app called About That where he leaks the deep secrets of students.

He can ruin any teenager’s life with his app and no one can do anything about it.

The police are very skeptical if this event was just an “accident”. They think that the 4 students that were in detention at the time of the death are possible killers. Each of them all have their own big secret that they want to keep hidden. But just how far would they go? Would they even resort to murder?

These are the questions you will find the answers to in the book.

You will see these characters develop, grow and change as you go through the journey figuring out who killed Simon. It’s a great book for teenagers and young adults. It’s a book you won’t be able to put down and will eat it all up in one sitting.