January Coffee House scheduled

On January 29th, English teachers Leslie Chekin and Soo-Jin Lee will be holding Coffee House in the lecture hall. Coffee house gives students the opportunity to express themselves through poetry, music, and song. It begins after school and ends around 4:00. Many students enjoy going because by attending the also receive extra credit points in their English classes.

“My first time going was last month and it was a very memorable experience, I plan on going again this month”, “Seeing all the students perform is really inspiring,” said freshman Ruftana Beyene.

Multiple students took advantage of this opportunity to spread awareness on certain topics they believe should be heard. Coffee house is not only a chance to speak your mind but also a platform to practice for future performances, speeches, and more. 

Students spoke out on black rights, LGBT+ rights, gender equality, religion and much more. It was a powerful experience which allows you to step back and think about society and your role in it. Refreshments and food is also provided.