Two Babies unite

The commonly known rappers Lil Baby and DaBaby came together as a dynamic duo to create a hit song “Baby”. The two are often mistaken for each other but they are indeed two different people.

The music video, with over 71 million views is set in Miami and starts off with Lil Baby in the back of the shop working. This is a metaphor on how he started from the bottom and worked his way, he is trying to prove he is selfmade. 

The song has become very common among teenagers and is often played at social gatherings such as parties, celebration, and even just chilling at home with friends.

“I really like this song because it displays a positive message and is very catchy,” said sophomore Amira Bashir.

Lil Baby also had a concert in D.C not to long ago, on Jan 24,2020. He is quite popular across the country, but especially in the DMV area.