Why is prom so early?

Junior Jackson Fornaris and senior Claire Vaughn attended prom last year at the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

Junior Jackson Fornaris and senior Claire Vaughn attended prom last year at the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

The second half of the school is officially starting, which means that students, typically seniors, tend to look forward to end-of-the-year activities. The big one for many students is the annual senior prom. 

This year, the Annandale High School prom will be held at the Waterford in Springfield on April 17. For many, that date is too early; however, there is one main reason behind the decision regarding that date.

“The reason is because of Ramadan, we have a lot of students celebrating that holiday,” English teacher and 2020 Class Sponsor said. “Hosting it in April allows them to go to prom, which is an important high school event.” 

A lot of students can say that they are excited for this event and have been looking forward to it. After all, it is one of the most anticipated and popular high school events.

“Although prom is something I’ve been excited for through most of high school, I do wish it was a more interesting location. But regardless, I’m still excited for the experience overall!” senior Kalkidan Tucker said. 

For many, the process and preparations made ahead of time are the most stressful part of making the night a special one. It is a tradition for some to rent out a limousine and arrange to go with a large group of friends, but others like to keep it simple and just go with a small friend group. 

As for attire, guys can typically be found wearing a normal tuxedo or even a modified one made to fit their style. The process for the girls, however, is often far more difficult. Not only do they have to pick out a color for their dress, they have to select a certain style as well. Many girls like to wear a dress that their male counterpart match with through their ties. 

However, for some that still isn’t enough to convince them to go. Other students don’t necessarily see the point in it.

“Spending all that money for one night at a place that’s nearby like the Waterford just isn’t worth it to me. I’d rather do something else,” senior Safia Ahmed said. 

Regardless, many people are still looking forward to the event and whether it be amazing or horrible, they will be expecting a night to remember.