Why you should watch All American


The main cast of the show, “All American”

The Show All American is about a boy who grows up in a single family home and struggles growing up in poverty, who is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his football career. The show has caught many teenagers attention and has been considered “binge worthy”. Season 2 is not yet on Netflix and many fans await anxiously to see what happens next. It is relatable for most people because its shows the day to day struggle of being a high school student and athlete.


The main character Daniel Ezra who plays, Spencer James has gotten a lot of attention after the Netflix show came out. There was a lot of commotion when the media found out he’s british and has a heavy British accent. 

“It’s the sugar honey ice tea, he can get it anyday,” says Junior, Aamira Conteh.

The show also includes some gang violence and gang activity in some parts. There are two rival gangs in one neighborhood and it seems to be some type of battle between the two. The violence and excitement is what builds up tension and keeps the watchers hooked the the show. There are also multiple cliffhangers throughout the show which causes sort of a roller coaster feeling and keeps the watchers coming back for more.

“I believe all American is a really insightful show that shows the segregation that you can see in reality. It takes the life of Spencer James and has him and his family deal with many problems the black community faces. I love this show,” said freshman Ruftana Beyene.

The specific genre of this show is Drama and Sports. As said before, even though season two is not yet available on Netflix it is however on CW, which many people have taken to their advantage to finish the show. 

There is also a slight love connection between the characters Spencer James and Olivia Baker, which is Jordan Bakers twin sister. Spencer’s and Jordan have became quite close throughout the show even though there were some minor ups and downs.