How music affect us as students

If you roam the halls of Annandale, mostly every student will have earbuds in, and is most likely listening to music. Music seems to be a necessity everyday for teenagers in order for them to have a good day. 

Music helps some students focus on their work, and many can’t work without it. 

“It helps me focus because it blocks out the sound and what people say,” junior Melek Mohammed said. “It puts me in a different environment.”

Studies show that music increases brain activity which can increase students desire to do their homework or get their work done in class. Experts say to stay away from music that has lyrics because it can be distracting, they recommend classical music for studying or trying to complete an assignment. 

Although classical music is more convenient for studying or completing their assignments, students tend to listen to their own music. 

“Honestly I’m not sure if I would listen to classical music unless I was into it,” senior Stephanie Bacera said. “But I do believe that some pieces are relaxing enough to have in the background.”

Teachers tend to disagree with this method because they believe it distracts their students rather than helping them concentrate. 

“I teach a foreign language, meaning if you are listening to the teacher giving instruction on different texts, you don’t want to miss out,” Arabic teacher Ola Layaly said. “It does distract students they will miss out the resection and crucial information.”

Overall music is a great stress reliever and can help students accomplish many things throughout the day.