Here’s why you should be a social media artist

Many artists these days have taken up posting their work on social media. Some even have millions of followers. Some students may start thinking this is the path for them. If that is so, here are some pros.

1. You make money

Of course, in the beginning you don’t get any money because you are just starting out with the whole social media field. After time though, you can start making your money. How you ask? You can start by using ads, then selling merchandise, then lessons classes, and before you know it, you are making bank.

2. You get popularity

When putting your work up online, there is a chance that you can receive a lot of attention. Next thing you know, you have people on the street asking for your autograph. Also, the more popularity you get, the more money you make.

3. You can make new friends

Piggybacking off of the popularity, you can make friends with people you never even knew existed! Also, people who are like-minded will reach out to you and want to talk. Having people who think like you as friends is the best thing you can get as a gift.

4. You get to inspire others

When you put your work out there and you gain followers who are following your footsteps, you are now known as an influencer. Inspiring people is probably the best feeling in the world because you feel as if you have made a difference in some way.

5. You are doing what you love

Last but surely not least, you are doing what you love. One of the biggest problems people have is when they don’t enjoy their job. Often adults complain about not liking their workplace, or the boss of the company, or some other factor. By doing something and basically selling it to the internet, you are already doing your job without complaint.

Hopefully after reading this post you will feel inspired to put your work out there. Do not be shy and remember, you are making money!