BTS does Carpool Karaoke with James Corden


BTS poses with James Corden at another event.

Recently, James Corden and BTS had fun while singing songs in a car during a new episode of Corden’s show, “Carpool Karaoke.”

Some of the songs BTS and James Corden sang to were their own from their new album, “Map Of The Soul: 7.” BTS sang other songs as well, for example, Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” and “Circles” by Post Malone. 

They even song the theme song for Friends, a popular American sitcom. Besides singing songs, James Corden asked BTS questions about their album and joked around with them.

All in all, for most, the interaction between the members and James Corden was friendly, funny and heartwarming for viewers. On social media, fans were commenting on how fulfilling it was to see non-fans saying how charming,charismatic, and comical BTS are.

Besides singing along to songs and joking around, after driving to Las Vegas, James Corden convinced BTS to go to one of his dance classes. This all happened because James Corden wanted to convince BTS that he could become the eighth member. The members laughed at his perseverance and decided to go to the Zumba class. 

In their best clothes, BTS still shook the audience by still dancing well, even in casual outfits. After dancing a little, the members joked around about being tired and all. 

Overall, it was nice to see the members of BTS interacting with someone else in a natural environment.