MYP Fair moved to later date

Sophomores have created MYP projects in their English classes, in which five students from each class will be selected to take part in a fair to show off what they have created.

The presentation was supposed to be during Pride Time on January 29, however it was rescheduled to be on a later date.

The Middle Years Programme or MYP project is designed to develop students’ personal interests and skills, which would be applied in the products they are creating. This project is based on the student’s interests and talents, resulting in a product or outcome.

This project was constructed through journals that students needed to do through the months of the project. The project took between two months, including winter break, for students to complete.

With personal projects, it is important to take a subject you care about and try to make something out of it. You should push your boundaries in how you would usually do any other project. Examples include growing your artistic side and making connections to an audience as ways of sharing your passion.

“I made a model house of my grandparent’s house in Thailand,” Isa Kertgate said. “I wanted to recreate Thailand’s unique architecture. I researched about environmental and cultural factors that affect the architecture. I have a lot of fun planning and constructing my project although at times it got a little tedious. I am very happy with the end product I think it looks really good and exactly as I planned.”

“I made a cookbook featuring important dishes from my culture. It was kind of fun making it, just because I like to write and use different stationery to make things look nice,” sophomore Kenneth Anderson said. “I am proud of the end product, although I wish I could have gotten more recipes.”

“I made a video about my 3B hair,” sophomore Ahmed Hassan said. “There’s different types of hair A to C. A is referencing straight hair, B is wavy hair, and C is curly hair. I had no idea about the different types of hair, I feel like I learned so much.”