Students reflect on voting

Just a few days away, this year’s Super Tuesday will be on March 3.

The phrase Super Tuesday has been used to refer to the presidential primary elections. In the United States there are two different types of presidential elections. There are the primary and general elections, both are important in deciding the next president of the US.

In this two step process, the primary elections are the first to be held. They serve as preliminary rounds in the process of selecting the president.

Each political party holds a primary election. The winner of a party’s primary election goes on to represent that party in the presidential election.

The general elections will be held after the primary, and this is the main election held between the winners of the previous election.

While Super Tuesday would have typically been a regular school day in Northern Virginia, in many states public schools are polling stations during election season. Many high school students will be able to vote without concern. Schools in Fairfax County are closed for voting, and that includes Annandale.

This year young adults and teens will be able to go vote without a problem, which can be a deciding factor in the elections.

“I plan on voting for the Democratic party because I am a Democrat, but I haven’t decided on a specific candidate yet,” senior Kelsey Lazard said.

Others are still conflicted on what to do.

“I will not be voting in this year’s presidential election because I don’t know any party to go for but I do think it’s important to vote,” senior Jin Kim said.

Meanwhile, many underclassmen are making plans for when they can vote in a few years.

“When I turn 18, I won’t vote until there is a candidate of color where I agree with his or her views,” sophomore Aline Mbo-Ilenga said. “I wish there was more diversity in these elections. I believe that the elections aren’t fair for candidates that look different from the average white male.”

It’s easy for students to get swept away in studies and not pay any attention to politics. However, every vote is important for the future.