Heritage Night and Just World return

Students celebrate and appreciate cultures for the unique school event

Heritage Night and Just World return

Heritage Night, accompanied by the Just World Festival, will return for another year at AHS.

Both events will be held on Friday, March 6.

In previous years, both events have been very successful.

The night starts with all clubs, honors societies and other organizations serving food or items of their choice at the Just World Festival.

AHS students, families members and all others are welcome to enjoy the booths and what they have to offer.

The Just World Festival will cost $5 and the fee will cover admission to the Heritage Night event as well.

Heritage Night is one of the unique events that AHS holds every year.

The night is important for many different students for a variety of reasons.

For one, many students enjoy the culturally enriching songs and dances that are on display at Heritage Night.

For performers, the night is an empowering experience that allows the celebration of many different cultures.

In addition, Heritage Night is a testament to the diverse student body at AHS.

“I enjoyed going to Heritage Night last year,” senior Zak Belkayat said. “My favorite part had to have been watching the different cultural dances or meeting Ryan McElveen.”

An appearance from Ryan McElveen illustrates how important of an event Heritage Night is.

This year, both the Just World club and Leadership are hoping for another success in both events.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the new countries that joined this year,” Heritage Night coordinator Laila Elbahy said.
In addition to the coordinators, past performers are ready to come back for another performance.

“I plan on performing again and representing my country,” senior Tarik Darweish said.
The celebration of cultures is important to all students and attendees of Heritage Night.