Netflix releases season two of All American

Many teens in Annandale and all around the country have been anxiously waiting on season 2 of the infamous show All American. Some background on the show is there is a boy, Spencer James, who grew up in the hood being raised by a single mother, his only way out of the hood is football. The sport means everything to him, it is his whole future.

In this season Spencer James meets his birth father, and many hidden emotions are brought up when he applies for a job at their rival schools, Crenshaw High School, football coach. Throughout the season his health worsens and he eventually becomes very ill. Spencer also finds out that all the years he was away from him he was raising another woman’s child. That child has now grown up to be almost as good at football than Spencer and there begins to be some tension between the two.

On the other hand Layla Keating, comes very close to falling back into the cycle of her addiction. Her and her ex boyfriend Asher start to become close friends because of this. Meanwhile, Asher is caught taking drugs to enhance his football abilities and his coach covers it up for him, causing him to be fired. 

There has definitely been some plot twists and ups and downs all throughout season two. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for some. In my opinion, it was very entertaining, each episode was a relatable scenario, and allowed me to feel for the actors. I would 10/10 recommend this show a friend.