What comes next?

With school closed for the rest of the school year and only one month into the state’s stay-at-home order until June 10, many are wondering if this situation will continue into the next school year.

Staff members are at home giving students lessons online that FCPS introduced after spring break on April 13, 2020. Students are receiving four lessons a week from all their classes that can help boost their grade and help with their final mark grade.

“I fully expect that by the fall, we will have things in control enough that it certainly won’t be the way it is now,” Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said. “Bottom line is, no absolute prediction, but I think we’re going to be in good shape.”

Some doctors are saying that COVID-19 will be coming back strong in the fall and winter, which might affect the opening of schools. It has been said that it is like the flu and will come when it is cold outside and temperatures are low.

It doesn’t seem like school can reopen in the fall, according to the increase of cases in the U.S. as many people aren’t following the CDC regulations. Many parents will also be anxious about sending their kids back to school if COVID-19 makes a return. There is still no vaccine and if one gets coronavirus, they might have a difficult 14 days.

Some students might not realize that they have coronavirus and spread it to other students in the hallways and in their classrooms. Students pass by one other, sit close to one other in class and walk in crowded classrooms.

Fairfax County Public Schools have been closed since March 13, 2020 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Before the closing, students were going to have a student holiday on the following Monday, so that teachers could discuss the possibility of schools closing and prepare themselves for distance learning as a precaution.

Governor Ralph Northam closed schools for all students in Virginia, even in private schools, until the end of the 2019-20 school year. He also issued an order on March 27, allowing only 10 people to enter a restaurant and other public places, such as movie theaters and gyms.

Students weren’t anticipating the closing of schools that early, as there weren’t that many cases in the county. At the time, Arlington County had more cases and schools were still open for them.

“I was expecting schools to close in the next few weeks, since it didn’t look like such a big deal in Fairfax,” sophomore Iman Hamdela said.

At the time of publication, there are about 830,000 coronavirus cases in the United States with most cases residing in New York and about 42,000 deaths nationwide. The cases have continued to rise even with states closing their boundaries, enforcing curfews and stressing the importance of staying at home. Although the country hasn’t reached the apex, it has been assumed by many that we will reach it in the next couple of weeks.