Students and parents weigh in on returning to school


Students are one month into the new year’s distance learning ever since Fairfax County Public Schools have made the change to do school from home.

In mid-September, the Fairfax County School Board discussed the possibility of coming back to school rather than virtual which was an idea brought upon by FCPS Superintendent Scott S. Brabrand.

Brabrand does, however, state that the safety of the students and staff is the “highest priority” and as a result, many guidelines will be set into order.

Students will be returning to school in a sequence of different small groups starting off with those taking Culinary Arts, English Language Learners and Auto Tech students and then later transitioning to the other students. However, students would be given the choice to attend school upon preference whether it be virtual, or in-person.

When given the option, junior Moissar Mohammed doesn’t think he’ll be learning at school anytime soon.

“One of my parents has an underlying health condition, so I’m not willing to take the risk,” he said.

According to the “Return to School Plan,” the first group of students is expected to return to school on October 26. More people will gradually be coming back into schools as conditions progress; The board approved this plan.

The purpose of this plan is to boost mental and better and easier access to technology.

“Sometimes online classes are difficult when things like WiFi cut out or if audio isn’t working,” Mhaidar said.

Parents are hesitant to follow the county’s plan with so much up in the air.

“I feel more comfortable with my kids doing online school to guarantee their safety since the coronavirus is spreading like wildfire,” said Bouchra Amrani, mother of two students. “If students are negligent and think there’s no threat or that the situation is getting better, it’s highly possible that the cases will go up.”

Some have a more optimistic take on the matter, though.
“If everyone works together as a team, which means following guidelines, respecting rules, and maintaining protocol then I think everyone will be fine,” freshman Ella Smith said. “I obviously miss my friends and if I had the option, I would go back to school since it seems like it’ll be a safe environment.”

If you want to learn more details about the “Return to School Plan,” you can visit the FCPS website.