Annual Chalk for Peace event continues as planned


It has been a crazy year to say the least. With everything going on, Chalk for Peace was the perfect event to spread world peace and to inspire students to stay positive through this bizarre and unexpected year.

The event promoted the arts by creating assemblies of young artists of all ages to draw what peace means to them. The idea of this event is to raise awareness, promote peace and to give people a chance to express their desires for peace.

Usually, this event takes place on National Peace Day, which is Sept. 21. This year, because of the pandemic, AHS celebrated on Oct 19. Students came together on Monday from noon to 1 p.m. and drew beautiful messages and pictures on the sidewalk with chalk.

Just World did take into consideration that some students aren’t able to come to school, so they gave them the option of either coming to school in a mask or participating from home. Students who participated at home sent in pictures of their drawing.

The event not only promotes peace, but brings students from different backgrounds and encourages them to express themselves, by writing words or quotes in their own language or different languages that they aren’t familiar with.

“I thought it turned out beautifully. We had so many wonderful students participate. Usually students from the Art Club or the Art Honor Society will come. Avid coordinator Laura Wells said. “One of my tenth graders this year wrote peace and love in Amharic. That was really cool to get to see that.”

Some thought it was really relaxing being able to get out the house and communicate with others. “It was great because we got to express ourselves in art form to create something beautiful that represents peace,” junior Frances Tarnue said. “Everyone that went was really happy and we were all talking and chilling while we made our art which was really refreshing since we’ve all been stuck in the house for so long.”

Others just loved the overall message of the entire event. “The event’s purpose has always been to promote world peace and to remind students that we should all be actively working towards creating a peaceful world,” senior and Just World president Emma Tlusty said. “I love it because it’s a fun and creative activity and has a special and important purpose.”

The club is planning their next event to be an Annandale crop walk, which is a fundraiser to raise money for food release in Annandale. The money that they will raise will go towards the ACCA food pantry and also internationally to help people across the world facing hunger.